The Mission of the WCVGA is to locate and assist volunteer guardians to provide for the needs of the mentally incompetent in Wayne County, Ohio

Wayne County Volunteer Guardianship Association (WCVGA) is a not-for-profit program that provides Guardian of Person services to individuals who are residents of Wayne County living in, or in need of, residential care, and who are deemed incompetent by the Wayne County Probate Court. WCVGA is governed by a Board of Directors which carries out its mission to provide guardianship services to the most vulnerable adults in Wayne County who do not have family or supportive others qualified to be guardians.

Guardianship is an essential component in our community ensuring that the elderly and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health issues, who are no longer capable of managing themselves and their life decisions, have a caring, ethical and responsible advocate. We have been actively linking vulnerable adults with Volunteer Guardians since 2012.